Wittenberg Licht Festival

The light intervention at Kultur und Spielfest Haus looks forward to demonstrate to citizenship the power of light to transform spaces and the need for lighting designers to produce aggregate value in urban city cultures. Therefore, the temporary installation focuses on changing through light the urban experience of citizens of the central plaza. It is a prototype action that wants to convey the possibilities for more light interventions in Wittenberge. The concept of the work is about making the Plaza a warm Haus, a refugee in the beginning of autumn. Through light we build a contrast of sensations, warm and cold atmospheres, reinforcing the gathering around the cosy plaza to share this special night between neighbours of the Stadt.


In order to activate the appropriation of the night public space in the local culture and rebuild a new urban landscape, we propose a series of actions to investigate the possibilities of collective light interventions in the city. The solution deals with a problem that existed before the pandemic, that affects a wide spectrum of citizens, and that if not addressed could become radicalized.

The project calls for placing the body, with a physical distancing protocol, in specific places in the city and hacking them using light, to later co-design prototypes of fixed urban interventions. It consists of a playful light approach that can transform the urban nightlife experiences of different communities.